Termite Stalin





Joseph Stalin (deceased), Dr. Communist (deceased)


1944-present day.


They don't deserve one.

Troop Count


During World War Two, Commie leader Joseph Stalin sought a faster way to end the war in Europe. He began to explore various options, from extraterrestrials to the Lost Ark, Stalin eventually considered using mutated Termites in his army. In an attempt to clone himself into one of these creatures, Stalin was forcefully turned into a Termite. Enraged, he slaughtered the scientists and began to kill everyone he could find until the United Nations of Fire called for a joint operation involving both Driver AntsFire AntsFire Cockroaches. Stalin ultimately was killed when Fire Cockroaches raided his palace and assassinated him, and with that Russia purged from Communism before finishing off Nazi Germany.

However, 20 years later, a survivor from the original experiments, Dr. Communist, found the remains of the project. After stealing advanced Ant tech, he began to clone an army of Stalinmites. The Stalinmites turned on him however, and declared themselves independent. Within a week they launched a war against the United Nations of Fire, and took control of Greenland, which is now used as their country. To this day we still are at war to wipe out the communist monsters.