Cockroaches are our wiki's special forces because they are nature's ultimate survalists, they far exceed and surpass Bear Grylls.  They can go months without eating.  They eat almost anything, even glue.  They can hide almost anywhere.  Survive chemicals DESIGNED to kill THEM.  They can even escape nuclear blasts, and then survive the radiation.  Bear Grylls can do none of these.

This is why they are our wiki's special forces.  They can operate deep behind enemy lines for long periods of time, and once they're there, you can never get rid of them.  Fire wiki won't even know what hit them!.  Even if they do not kill the enemy, they will always weaken their morale because of how disgusting they are.  

Even more elite than Cockroaches are Fire Cockroaches.  They're our wiki's SEAL Team Six.  When C&A wiki sends their elite, we send cockroaches.  When the cockroaches send their elite, they send FIRE COCKROACHES

Cockroaches are awesome!!!!