Army Ants

Various areas around the world.


To be determined.


Since enlisted.



Troop Count

A lot

Army Ants are the backbone of our wikis' military. They are highly trained infantry capable of taking down things way larger than themselves. Did we mention they are terrifying as fuck?

Army Ants refers to over 200 species of ants.  What they all have in common is an extremely high intelligence, extensive teamwork, moving in massive groups, and extremely aggressive predatory foraging groups known as "raids".  Army Ants will attack anything and everything virtually fearlessly.  Certain types of Army Ants have been known to take down and consume full grown ELEPHANTS.  Army Ants, especially Driver Ants are without a doubt the most dangerous creatures on the planet.  Far more dangerous than the Honey Badger, as cool as it may be.

Likely the most dangerous form of Army Ants, and Ants in general, are Driver Ants.

Army Ants will play a crucial role in assisting Drayco and the Fire Ants in their mission to take back Fire wiki from the firefighters.